To The Reader: Thanks acne for delivering the message, bye now

The driving spirit of Acne Messages is the belief that your body is an intelligent being capable of healing itself if provided the right conditions. I write this book in light of people who have grown exasperated with efforts to rid themselves of acne.

Thus, I dedicate the pages that follow to the person aching to move away from reliance on some special abrasive cream or medication for treating their acne, to understanding how they can control this skin disease. The knowledge presented in this book is for the person willing and wanting to take a proactive role in understanding and being aware of how they can have power over the occurrence of acne.

It is my sincerest hope that upon reading this book, the at-once acne sufferer will begin to view acne as a blessing in disguise. I have created Acne Messages to enable people to recognize acne as a means of better understanding themselves and how they may have allowed this condition to wrongfully constrict their lifestyle.

Acne Messages is by no means for anyone seeking the quick acne fix. If you have searched the acne market long enough, you may know by now that no such cream or medicine truly exists. I gave up this exasperating search years ago, and have been awarded accordingly.

I urge you as well to forgo the senseless search for an “acne cure” and commence understanding yourself with respect to acne. Acne is unique to the individual and as such, the so-called cure should be as unique as the sufferer. I implore yo u to open yourself to discovering the deeper meanings behind your acne messages. This self-discovery will offer you much more that any simple cream or drug ever possibly could.

Society conditions us to view acne as a stigma. But overcoming this stigma psychologically, emotionally and physically can be an awakening experience, and it has been for me. Knowing and loving yourself are crucial to empowering your being. If you have devalued or underestimated yourself because of the presence of acne, this book is for you. Acne is a message. This message holds some of the keys to achieving self-acceptance and empowerment. I have designed this book to help you begin the rewarding process of deciphering the messages of your acne.

I suggest reading the entire book first to familiarize yourself with the methodology presented herein. Then you can return to the charts andexercises in the book to begin decoding your acne messages. From there, you can go on to give the world your innumerous gifts and say goodbye to acne.