Facial Massage

If you like your sundae with the cherry on top, you must have a massage after you give yourself a facial. There are innumerous benefits to come from massaging your face. It helps firm the skin tissue and give your face an energized look. I like to massage my face with a combo of tea-tree and ylang ylang oils.

Prepare for the massage by thoroughly washing your hands. Your face should be cleansed as well. For additional moisture, you can spritz or pat some water onto your face. Next, place 3-4 drops of your favorite face oil into your hands. Rub your hands together for a few seconds to warm the oil.

Now apply the oil to your face, starting at the neck. Continue massaging up your face continuing onto the temples in a smooth, gentle movement. Then pat your face all over and note any stressed or painful areas. Apply a slight pressure with your thumb or forefinger for 7-10 seconds to the area that exhibits tension or pain. Now lightly tap your entire face with the tips of your fingers, energizing the face. That’s it. You can proceed to rinse off the oil if you like.


Imagine more blood coming to your face and energizing your complexion. See your skin becoming firmer and wrinkles getting massaged away.


I suggest performing a facial massage daily since they not only help you look better, but the massage also relaxes muscles whose existence and exhaustion, you may have never known. You can also gently massage your face when using your daily cleanser.

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