Extraction is physically removing waste that is lying within the pores. This should only be done if you know exactly what you are doing because faulty extraction could cause some serious skin damage and scarring. Here again, I recommend that you have extraction done by a professional before you try to do it yourself. Since all professionals are not the same, I suggest getting it done by a few different aestheticians.


I suggest not making any hot dates for a day or two after you have an extraction performed. This is because the face is usually swollen and red, plus your pumps my look more aggravated than before. Fret not my friend. Remember decoding acne is about patience and persistence. And acne can become aggravated before it clears up.

Extraction by a professional can hurt as well so do brace yourself. Once you become comfortable performing extraction yourself, I suggest that you perform it after you have steamed your face, when the pores are open. Make sure your hands are clean when doing extractions to avoid placing more bacteria on the skin and spreading infection.

If the pimple has a whitehead, or a center with visible yellow or white pus, you can prick the center of the zit with a sterilized pin (dip it in alcohol to sterilize it). Wrap you fingers in a clean white tissue to squeeze out the contents of the zit. Some dermatologists recommend to stop squeezing if blood begins to come out of the pore.

On the other hand, some skin specialists recommend squeezing until all the blood that follows the pus is gone as well. It’s your call on this one, but please note however that some doctors warm that if you continue to squeeze a zit until all of the blood is gone you could damage the pore and cause scarring. But for certain, once your have extracted a pimple, leave it alone.
Do not return to a pimple a few minutes, hours or days later to begin squeezing it again. This will only delay the healing process and promote scarring. And always disinfect your skin after extraction to prevent the spread of acne and bacteria.

On a psycho-emotional level, you can liken leaving a pimple to heal to dealing with your daily problems. For example, once you have decided how to solve a problem, such as whether or not to take singing lessons, make the decision and follow through with it in full confidence.

There is no need to wrack your brain and waste local memory space asking yourself whether or not you made the right choice. Simply put, you take action and move on with your life. The same principle applies to extraction. Tell yourself: “I have helped this pimple and now I will move on to other things.”


Imagine an open pore emitting waste and then healing faster.


I do extraction once a week or once every week and a half. There are times when I need extraction performed twice a week. You can adjust your extraction levels according to your own preferences.
When my skin feels bumpy underneath. I steam my face and then perform extraction. To help reduce the possibility of spreading infection after extraction, I massage my face with a combination of one part tea-tree oil and one part lavender oil. These two oils disinfect and reduce swelling in the skin. Please to refer to Appendix C for a list of oils that help treat acne.

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