Dealing with a Developing Pimple (Spot Treatments)

Once I see a pimple on the rise and ask for its message, I then assist it in leaving by steaming my face. Afterwards, I will rub tea-tree oil on the pimple.

At night, I place a bit of clay mask on the eruption. These steps usually help the pimple leave. But as stated earlier, not all pimples are created the same, nor should they be treated the same.

There are essentially two methods for spot treating pimples: to dry out a pimple or draw out the infection in and surrounding the pore. You dry out a pimple by using drying products such as benzoyl peroxide or a clay mask. Pimples that are best treated with the drying method include whiteheads, black heads and papules.

But inflamed and painful pimples are best treated using the drawing out method. You can use substances such as tea tree oil to help draw out an inflamed pimple. This is because the pain comes from the pus surrounding the inflamed pore.

The oil is able to seep into the skin where it can help displace the pus and draw it out of the skin. I use tea tree oil for cysts, nodules, and acne that may arise from premenstrual symptoms. Please refer to Appendix F: Homemade Acne Peels for a list of other ways to treat acne formations on the rise.

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