Why Do I Get Acne After I Stop Taking Birth Control Pills?

I remember that while my cousin Angela and sister Tonya were teenagers they never had acne. During their teenage years and in their early twenties, they used birth control pills. However, after they started having children, they both had severe cases of acne.

Not surprisingly, they were baffled by this sudden onset of acne. I guessed that the estrogen in their birth control pills had something to do with sparing them from acne.

Diana Schwarzbein, M.D. and Nancy Deville expose the link between estrogen and acne in their book The Schwarzbein Principle. To explain, if a female is consuming too much sugar (or high carbohydrates) her insulin levels rise along with androgen production. (Recall the increased androgen activity leads to more oil secretion by the pore, which can cause acne). The excess of androgen can block the effectiveness of estrogen.

So, if you were on birth control pills containing estrogen, perhaps you balanced the activity of the androgens with the extra estrogen from the pills. Thus you did not have acne. But once you stop taking the birth control pills, the estrogen and androgens hormones became unbalanced.

To resolve this problem, you can go to the root of the imbalance and moderate your consumption of sugars and carbohydrates.

Medicine works by tricking our bodies and us. I am here to convince you that we need to interpret the messages of our bodies, not ignore them or try to hide them.

As I hope you’ve seen from the examples above, often times the medicine can deliver more damage than benefits. I am here to blame no one of wrongdoing; I just want to encourage everyone to stop neglecting and abandoning bodily wisdom. Your body is intelligent and it is designed to help you be a healthy and capable being.

Give it the nutrients, rest, diversion and environment that it needs and the body will reward you with vitality.

Now, in the chapters to come, I will discuss many of the questions you will need to ask yourself so that you can begin interpreting your own acne messages and give yourself the life you deserve. Only you can make you healthy and happy. Read on my friend.

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